Saturday, October 10, 2009

Earn 'The Domain Way'

Domains have been in existence for years, time since Internet has been in existence.

What's a Domain I hear you Ask?

Simply put Domains are the names that you see in the Address Bar of your Internet Browser and used to reach a  website. You see Computers have a neck to juggle with numbers and that's why they assign each website a unique series of numbers, something like 123.345.223.333 that is called "IP Address".

Try to remembering that for accessing your favorite websites (Twitter, Yahoo, Google, etc)

That's why they came up with a Domain Naming System i.e. a huge Internet database that maintains mapping between a name like to it's IP address.

Buying and Selling Domain has become a business now.

It's much like Real Estate. With Real Estate you buy strategic locations with hope that prices will jump up and you will sell it for hefty profit. Or some big business comes to your city and is looking for a good corner place that will get it good foot-falls.

With Domain name business, it's almost the same way. You buy domains as an investment. You don't necessarily start a website and put some content there. Your domain is just that...a name without any Website content. You then wait for someone to approach you eqnuiring how much you would sell that domain name and in the end you make money!

Just look at some figures...
  • There are over total 83 million domains on Internet
  • There are over 13 million domains at just one of the many Domain Auction Sites for Sale
  • Each day approximately 90 thousand domains registered
  • A 10$ domain approximately sells for anywhere between 300-500$ giving more than 300% ROI (Return on Investment)
And here are some of the most well known and unbelievably expensive domain sells...
  • - whopping $8 million
  • - bought by Compaq as name for it's search engine
  • - $2.9 million
  • - $2 million
And the list goes on...

Now I have heard many say in past this business is old fashioned and saturated. Now tell me, which business isn't. This is oldest business, perhaps on internet with domain sales going way back to 1997. Second excuse I hear is all the top .com domains are already taken. True, I agree, but if you have started dreaming of getting hold on a sure fire jackpot that can fetch you million and you don't need to work further, yeah keep dreaming. May be you can find something or make up some word which is well sought after in future and your domain gets a good price. Yep why not. But I would beg you to think wholesale...if you buy say 10 domains at 10$ each, then your investment is 100$. Now say each of those 10 domains sells for average 50$ (I am being very down to earth), you earn 500$. Discount that with auction and transfer fees, makes you bloody at least 350$ profit. Now how's that?

You could be an MILLIONAIRE with just one Domain...haha! Yeah truly.
I will be writing new posts to let you know where to buy cheap domains that gives you lot of free services, and also special auction sites that market your domains to bidders for a commission.

But if you just can't wait to have those techniques revealed, you can get hold of Mickie's eBook that reveals insider secrets and provides step by step instructions on how to succeed in Domain industry, it doesn't hurt for trying a mere 40$...and if you think it didn't work for you, there's always money back guarantee, no questions asked.

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